An Expert's Guide to Homeschooling in Massachusetts

Pros & Cons, Requirements, Curricula, Socializing and More

By Emily Classon, Contributing Writer June 1, 2023

Has your family decided to opt out of public school (whether hybrid or remote) altogether this year and begin homeschooling?  Our writer Emily Classon, an experienced homeschooler and librarian, has provided a wide variety of information to get your family started with homeschooling in Massachusetts.

There's a lot to consider when choosing to homeschool.  See Emily's article Homeschooling: What Is It, Pros & Cons, and Methods.  Note that remote learning and enrolling your child in an online public school are not homeschooling.  Topics covered:

  • About Homeschooling
  • Why Homeschool?
  • Possible Drawbacks to Homeschooling
  • Deschooling
  • Homeschool Approaches
  • Note from a Homeschooler

OK, you've decided homeschooling is right for your family.  Now, how do you homeschool in Massachusetts?  What laws do you need to be aware of and what are the regulations?  What do you need to provide the local school department?  Does your child have to take tests?  See Emily's article How Do I Homeschool in Massachusetts?  Topics covered:

  • Mandatory Ages for School Attendance
  • Homeschooling Requirements
  • Education Plan
  • When Do I Send My Education Plan?
  • Where Do I Send My Education Plan?
  • Case Law

But what do I teach?  Are there materials that I can buy?  Any free materials?  See Emily's article Homeschooling: Choosing Curricula.  Topics covered:

  • Massachusetts Frameworks
  • Tips for Choosing Curricula
  • Finding Curricula
  • Free/Low Cost Resources
  • Popular Curricula
  • High School Tips

I'm worried my homeschooled kids will be lonely.  Socializing is such an important part of school!  Don't worry, homeschooled kids enjoy lots of socializing opportunities!  See Emily's article Socializing and Connecting While Homeschooling.  Topics covered:

  • Why Socialization is an Inherent Part of Homeschooling
  • Classes and Activities
  • Connect with Local Groups
  • Co-ops
  • Learning Centers
  • Pods

Lastly, Emily provides lots of practical tips in her article Homeschooling Tips from an Experienced MA Homeschooler.  Topics include:

  • Scheduling
  • Fun Ideas
  • Costs
  • Managing Expectations
  • Parent Tips

Emily Classon is a homeschooling mom in Tyngsboro.  She and her daughter have homeschooled for the last five years.  She has a Masters in Information and Library Studies degree and worked in public libraries for over 20 years.  Emily also teaches Zentangle®, a meditative art form.

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