William Lawrence Camp

139 Federal Corner RdCenter Tuftonboro, NH 03816
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William Lawrence Camp is a non-for-profit residential boys camp in the beautiful lakes region of New Hampshire. Our campers are boys entering 3rd grade through boys entering 10th grade. We focus on developing the whole boy by incorporating our four cornerstones: Willingness, Loyalty, Comradeship and Sportsmanship into a nature based camp program. William Lawrence Camp is designed for families that want their son(s) to experience nature while learning how to be part of a larger community and develop self-confidence in a safe environment. Although WLC was originally started in 1913 by an episcopal church, we are now nondenominational and believe that the beauty of nature is our religion.

At William Lawrence Camp we offer 2-, 3-, 4- and 7-week sessions so there is something for every boy. Our campers are boys entering 3rd grade through boys entering 10th grade. After that, the boys return for our Leader in Training Internship then their Junior Counselor year and can become cabin counselors beyond that. Our sessions are priced low due to our lack of property taxes, lack of debt and our generous alumni base which keeps program costs down. Our two-week session costs $2995 while our four-week session costs $4995. These costs incorporate all programming, including waterskiing and wakeboarding.

Business Review

“The difference is it’s not like you’re being hit over the head with Christian values at William Lawrence and you’re not being put into some crazy competitive sports camp or anything like that…You’re being put into a position to grow. And I feel like that’s the thing that differentiates William Lawrence from a lot of the other camps that we looked at and talked to people about their experiences of going to camp… It really does feel transformational for the people that have gone through it and I feel that testimony is the big thing.

You can recognize the qualities that you’re trying to get your kids to grow in to and it’s very difficult these days with all of the stuff that’s going on in public schools and private schools to get those values taught and the values aren’t of some denomination. The values are just like how to be a man. There’s something about the independence it encourages and the resiliency is the big thing that I learned at WL that changed my life.” – Mike Krolak (Alumni and parent of 2)

“Even after the first year, it was so transformational and in the backdrop of no technology, no distraction. They were perfect, exquisite human beings for the first 2 weeks (after returning home) and then they start to go back to their ways but you can certainly see those values in their behaviors and that’s what..

They are in this safe space where they can be boys and they can be silly and they can be whatever they want to be without being judged or criticized and they can also focus on those social emotional needs that boys need so much especially in present society because there are so many conflicting messages.” – Faye Rimalovski (Parent of a former camper, now staff member and current camper)

This place is gold! Every young man should be given at least two weeks to experience the brotherhood, achievements, mayhem, mania, stepping outside of comfort zones, unplugging, teamwork and friendship of WLC. WLC for life!!!!! Thank you for what you do for our young men. Life changing. - KathyAnn Purdy (Parent of former camper and staff member)