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Code Wiz: Empowering the Next Generation of World Changers

Every child carries a universe of potential, shimmering with promise and possibility. At Code Wiz, we're passionate about turning this potential into prowess, combining our expertise with the dynamic world of technology. Through our tailored tech courses, we cultivate young, curious minds, ensuring every student gains the skills they need to navigate the tech-driven future with confidence.

Our commitment to individualized learning is evident in our diverse offerings. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, we customize, evolve, and innovate to ensure every learner finds their unique tech groove. To cater to different needs and aspirations, we've crafted a range of membership plans:

**LITE - $175/MO**

* 1 hour/week class

* 1 Make up token per month

* Monthly progress reports

* Student Binder with WizBucks, Milestones, Learning Reflections, and Badges

* Exclusive Code Wiz Community Group for Parents

* Monthly Parent Orientation and more!

**PLUS - $247/MO**

* Everything in Lite

* 30 min onboarding with parents

* 90-day check-in meeting

* Code Wiz Welcome Packet

* Coding buddy and added bonuses!

**PREMIUM - $347/MO**

* Everything in Plus

* Additional one hour/week classes

* Monthly Zoom check-in with parents

* Make-up tokens extended through 6 months

* Bonuses like Showcase at Annual STEAM event and more!

**PLATINUM - $447/MO**

* 1:1 Classes

* Everything in Premium

* Daily Progress Reports

* Access to coaching outside of class time

* 1 Half Day Camp, with exclusive bonuses like Mentorship Opportunities with Engineers!

From our exclusive parent community to the wealth of bonus offerings and flexible scheduling, Code Wiz embodies comprehensive tech education. Whether your child is starting their coding journey, an advanced gamer, or simply eager to expand their horizons, Code Wiz lights the path. Join us and watch as your child's potential transforms into prowess.

Business Review

Monica Benavidez - Google Review
"Absolutely recommend this place for your little overachiever! My son (9) has always been ahead of his peers and this place really accommodates his intelligence. Their “Coaches” are welcoming, knowledgeable and most of all, patient with the kids. Even better, they keep student to Coach ratio pretty low. My son hasn’t been in a class or camp with more than 5 students at a time. We really like it here. Definitely found my little nerd’s safe space 🤓"

Masood Khan - Google Review
"Code Wiz have exciting classes and the owners are really warm and welcoming. Kids feels like they are playing while learning because they love teaching about tech. The staff is friendly and helps kids become skilled in the digital world. It's a great option for parents who want to introduce their child to technology while having fun!"