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At Fun World Language Academy, we work to bring the brain-building benefits of bilingualism to young children and expand their cultural horizon. Through high-quality foreign language classes, we aim to increase the new generation’s cultural awareness and foster curiosity about the world as a global community.  We also offer school-wide holidays, celebrations, and events that enhance the understanding and exposure to the many cultures represented in our community.

We are a team of native speakers of various languages, and our teachers have expertise in teaching in the US and abroad. Through personal experience as parents of bilingual children and via extensive research, we have come to believe that it is highly beneficial for young children to learn a second language earlier than the age offered by most public schools.  Moreover, the goal of our school is to encourage children to continue their language studies until they are fluent by acquiring a solid academic foundation in their chosen language.

Fun World Language Academy fills the gap between early preschool years and the time when public schools start to offer languages. At Fun World Language Academy, games and activities, a friendly community, and well-prepared environment foster a love of language and a passion for learning.

Fun World Language Academy offers parent-child classes for children age 2.5 and up, language workshops for children age 4-10, weekly language-focused storytimes for beginners, conversation groups for high school students who desire to practice their chosen foreign language more, and weekly classes for children of all ages.  Our gentle immersion programs include games, songs, crafts and stories. The children will blow off steam after school and won't even notice that they build vocabulary and an ear for the new language. Activities are designed to enhance comprehension and help children start using simple sentences during the class.

This is the best age to learn a language, and you will be surprised at the progress your child can make in just one session!  Try the first class risk free – you only pay if you decide to continue.

We offer classes in Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, Arabic, Bulgarian and Hebrew.

Fun World Language Academy
Westford MA 01886






Business Review

"Both my kids, 10 and 8 years, have loved the German programs at Fun World Language. The creative mix of crafts, music and games really made the language lesson enjoyable for all the kids. I highly recommend the school!" - N. Shine, google review

"When my eight-year-old daughter showed interest in learning Spanish, I was so pleased to find that Fun World Language Academy was offering lessons. Our community needed a language school with a unique approach of teaching a language and culture through activities, fun and play. My daughter has been looking forward to classes and learned quite a lot! Highly recommend Fun World Language Academy for all those who believe being bilingual is a superpower!" -H. Tufa, Google review

"Finally! a language school offering Italian (and many other languages) near our home! The owner and teachers are all top notch and the facility is immaculate! I can't believe how quickly my kids are picking up the language, and i am ecstatic to be able to pass down my family's language!! highly recommend!" - A. B. google review