Camp Hawkeye

165 Camp Good News RdCharlestown, NH 03603
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Camp Hawkeye is the un-traditional sleepaway camp for ALL HUMANS ages 7 - 17 with a commitment to creating a diverse community. With 70 campers and 35 staff Hawkeye is perfect for first time campers of any age. Hawkeye includes campers and staff from a variety of social, ethnic, economic, religious, and geographic backgrounds. Hawkeye is different; with the feel of family and the healthy experience of the outdoors, Camp Hawkeye uses the joy and fun of camp to break down social and cultural prejudices, misconceptions and barriers.

The Hawkeye program is an intentional combination of regular and special programming. It includes small group and individualized instruction in areas such as Swimming, Archery, and Woodworking in addition to all-camp big idea activities that last from one hour to all day. Campers get weekly opportunities to explore beautiful NH while going on a hike with their cabin group in the first week and on a level specific choice hike the 2nd week. Instructional swim is an option for those who want to become more confident and safer swimmers. There are two scheduled down time periods each day for those who need it and our goal remains to get each camper actively and positively involved.

The activities at Hawkeye are the vehicle for teaching the big important skills. Life skills; a toolbox for success in school, at work, and socially. Growth mindset, increased self-confidence, positive outlook, teamwork, improved communication, leadership, acceptance of differences, and to value diversity.

The Camp Hawkeye Leadership Development Program is a progressive two-year experience. It delivers training and experience, direction and mentoring, as well as opportunities for application of leadership. The first year is a 4 or 8 week experience as part of the Counselor in Training program (CiT), and the second year a 5 week experience as a member of the Leader in Training group (LiT).

The two-year program bridges the transition from camper to staff member and provides the foundational elements to each participant's growth into a great counselor. The changing expectations from camper to staff, from "kid" to "adult" in the context of our camp community can be challenging. The guidance and mentoring provided by the Leadership Development Coordinator support a positive and productive transition.

Camp Hawkeye
165 Camp Good News Rd
Charlestown NH 03603








Business Review

“All three of my kids have been going to Camp Hawkeye for years, and they have consistently had an incredible experience that they look forward to each year. They are honestly better people because of this place, and many of the people they have met there from all around the world and all walks of life will be friends for life. It's truly a special, magical experience. I wish I could go!!”  ~ Michelle, April 2017, Facebook

“Knowing it was my daughters 1st time away at camp, they checked in via email a few times letting us know how she was and even included pictures. It really made us feel more at ease. Thank you for making it easier for us.” ~ Chrissy, August 2017, Facebook

“Great Camp and Great Mission. The beautiful landscape provides the perfect setting for an inviting and engaging program for youth of all backgrounds.” ~ Andrew, June 2017, Facebook