The Self-Defense Institute

1721 Main StreetTewksbury , MA 01876
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Established in 1999, The Self-Defense Institute,, in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, continues to be recognized for exemplary teaching and a commitment to excellence.   The Self-Defense Institute is an accredited, professional and family-owned center for beginner, intermediate and expert martial arts training  The professional, extremely experienced, and humble instructors are very skilled and patient at instructing children of ages 3.5 to 18 years and adults.

Educating, Encouraging & Understanding

Many athletes cross train in the martial arts to strengthen focus, patience, confidence, self-control, balance, agility/flexibility, coordination and physical strength.  Training is fun, exciting and results-oriented.  Click here to see videos of training: 

Certified Instructors

The Chief Instructors have been recognized, out of hundreds of martial arts centers in the Northeast, by the Bruce Lee Foundation for their dedication and commitment, exemplary teaching, leadership in the community and a commitment to "Excellence" standards.  They continue, since 1999,  to be recognized by local, regional, and national associations as well.

Family and Corporate Rates are available.  To register, simply email to

Lessons are one or two days per week, as your schedule allows.  Introductory Lesson is $15.

There are no contracts.  College Scholarships are awarded.

The Self-Defense Institute
1721 Main St.
Tewksbury MA 01876





Business Review

“Learning about the martial arts has become a wonderful chapter in my life. It has enriched my life, and has given me an opportunity to gain more self-confidence in my abilities to achieve and deal with the daily social challenges that exist today. The various workouts that I attend and techniques shown to me by the instructors at The Self-Defense Institute, whose knowledge demonstrate years of hard work and conditioning, are very valuable to me at this time in my life. Self-confidence has taken on a new meaning that continues to grow within me as I continue to train. Clearly, my choice to train in the style of Kempo Karate, Ju-jitsu, and Kung Fu has been the right choice for me.” 
—male, age 35

“Life seems to be more balanced and my family is more meaningful to me today than in the past. The martial arts is changing me in a positive way by broadening my mind, improving my physical condition, and opening my eyes to an art that is adding value to my life."
— male, age 19, college student

“In addition to improved physical conditioning, balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination, I think the changes in my life due to my martial arts training include: a positive attitude, patience, perseverance, and self-confidence, with a great deal of respect for myself and others.”
—male, age 17, high school student