5 Easy Kid Crafts For Mother's Day

These crafts are simple, inexpensive, and guaranteed to make mom feel loved!

By Macaroni KID April 23, 2024

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Moms love those handmade gifts, but what to make? We've got five easy Mother's Day crafts that even small kids can make for mom, grandma, or any other mom-figure in their lives.

These crafts are simple, inexpensive, and guaranteed to make your mom feel loved!

Anna Ratner | Canva

1. A bouquet that will never wilt

Make a one-of-a-kind handprint bouquet she can keep forever. Draw the stems, then dip a child's palm into a paint color of their choice and press to the paper. Repeat as many times as you'd like! Let them add leaves or other decorative elements as well.

 David Kuko Collection | Canva

2. Make her heart bloom with a painted planter

Use acrylic paint to decorate a pot for mom. Once it's finished and dry, apply clear acrylic sealer spray to protect the paint and make it last longer (This step is optional, but recommended, especially if the planter will be used outside.) Add soil and a plant for a gift she'll cherish! 

FatCamera | Canva

3. Frame a masterpiece

Set up a painting station with finger paint and paper. Let your child create a special Mother's Day painting however they want, then head to a store together to choose the perfect frame for their masterpiece.

Jennifer So

4. 'Tweet' mom to a homemade bird feeder

These cute DIY bird feeders are fun for kids to make and make a great no-waste gift! See how to make them here.

Kara Murphy

5. Go picture-perfect, and practical

Make a drink coaster mom can use every day! Get a 4x4 ceramic tile (you can find them for pennies at a hardware store!) and cut either photos or drawings to a slightly smaller size than the tile. Glue them to the tile. 

Apply 3 thin coats of Mod Podge to the front of the tile, wrapping down around the sides and smoothing out the front, waiting about 15 minutes between each coat. (As it dries, it will look opaque, but once finished, it will dry clear.) 

Let the tiles dry completely for at least three days before using. It will take them that long (or maybe longer depending on your area's humidity level!) to seal completely and no longer feel tacky.

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