A Kid’s Review of Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience

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By Jackson Cates, Age 5 (with help from Publisher Mom, Sarah Cates) July 20, 2022

Our family just had fun visiting National Geographic's Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience at SoWa Power Station in Boston! The immersive experience was unlike anything I had ever been to before. Plus, we were excited to go through the big tunnel in the middle of Boston. I am excited to share our fun day with you!

The author and his family received complimentary tickets in exchange for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are his own.

Some things I learned about King Tut:

  • It has been 100 years since his tomb was discovered.
  • He was only 9 years old when he became king. That's younger than some of my cousins!
  • There were over 100 canes buried with him.
  • He loved chariots. Some were also buried with him.

My favorite parts were:

  • The Board Game: My brother and I enjoyed playing a board game that had big upside-down cups. King Tut loved board games and was even buried with some in his tomb.
  • Snakes on the Floor: There was a movie about what the Egyptians believed about King Tut’s journey to the afterlife. It showed snakes moving all around us on the floor and the walls. I tried to step on one!
  • Gold: There was so much gold everywhere! I liked how nice and shiny the stuff in the tomb was.
  • The Throne: My brother loved sitting in the golden throne and posing for pictures.

Things to Know Ahead of Time (written by my Mom):

  • If you're like me, you don't drive in Boston much. I took a chance hoping the HOV Lane wouldn't overshoot our exit. It didn't and we ended up being on time (cutting off 5-10 minutes of traffic) as a result!
  • To find the bathroom after entering the building, go through the gift shop, take a left and continue walking past the National Geographic frame photo op. The bathroom is in the right back corner of the building.
  • Parking- Event Parking is easily accessible for $30, a parking garage a block or so away is $10, or it's free on the street if you can find a space.
  • Some areas were well lit and some were pretty dark, but it was not scary even for my 3 year old.
  • The Virtual Reality experience (part of the VIP pass) was amazing and informative! It's for ages 10 and up.

Beyond King Tut: The Immersive Experience
SoWa Power Station
550 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA 02118

Through October 2, 2022