Foreign Languages Offer Kids Long-Term Benefits and Skills

Classes at Fun World Language Academy start in November. Enroll today!

October 27, 2021

Now that soccer season is coming to an end, many parents are actively searching for new engaging after-school activities for their kids.

Have you ever considered enrolling your child in a foreign language program over the winter months?  Did you know that young children pick up languages much faster than adults?  November is the perfect time to start!

Today’s classes are nothing like the rote memorization of 20 years ago. Classes at Fun World Language Academy are rich with active learning between student and teacher and include interactive play.  

Here’s what’s new in the language learning of 2021:

Covid-19 led us to create some innovative new programs. Our mission is to actively engage elementary-aged students with language learning in fun new ways!

  • Dynamic story-telling & storytimes
  • Interactive games
  • Innovative apps like Kahoot reinforce learning in a fun way!
  • Virtual field trips
  • Language buddies
  • Conversational language clubs (coming in 2022)

Foreign languages offer kids long-term benefits including:

  • Enhanced listening and communication skills
  • Heightened cultural and social awareness
  • Augmented cognitive function
  • Increased ability to master foreign languages in middle and high school

Cool facts about learning a new language:

  • You actually create new neural connections in your brain---make your brain more flexible!
  • You are learning a new mental discipline which makes academics easier in the future
  • Stimulates curiosity and adaptability
  • Exposure to other languages and cultures activates cultural sensitivity

Read the Fun World Language Academy blog for the science behind becoming bilingual!

Find a list of after school classes in French and Spanish in our latest newsletter.

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