Inspire Your Little Scientists with Fun Steve Spangler Science Kits

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By Brittany Joyner, Macaroni Kid Publisher, Killeen, TX September 8, 2021

Do you remember taking those learning style surveys in middle school? I always, always, always got kinesthetic learner. I needed to learn new things in a very hands-on way or I wouldn't remember anything 5 minutes later. My son is very much the same! He's always moving and easily bored by book learning or lecture-style lessons. This past year, much like the rest of the country, we dabbled in homeschooling and loved it! Our curriculum was very book-based, so I had to find new ways to keep my kiddo's interest.

Enter Steve Spangler Science Kits!

Each kit has supplies to perform 5 to 8 science experiments that are guaranteed to make your little scientist ooh and ahh. Steve Spangler Science has been around for 25 years and is curated by the best educators, scientists, and engineers. 

We've tried other STEM subscriptions and none of them are as hands-on as this one! Sure they include cute comics and worksheets, but for a tactile learner, those are BORING and just wasting time before you get to the fun stuff (the experiments). Steve Spangler has no frilly extras; just the supplies and instructions for each experiment, which is perfect for youngsters with short attention spans. The kits are recommended for ages 5-12 and adult supervision is required. 

It has been such a joy to see my son develop a love of science through these experiments. He still talks about how cool he felt when the Newton Bead Experiment worked! Now we do experiments every afternoon we have free.

Benefits I've Seen Since Starting Steve Spangler Science Kits:

  • More patience (both my son and me)
  • More confidence
  • New science concepts learned
  • Excited about learning
  • Increased critical thinking skills

Watch us do the Newton Bead Experiment:


There are 12 themed kits that explore different concepts and inspire curiosity in both kids and adults. Head over to the Steve Spangler Science website and use the code: Macaroni50 on a subscription of 3 months or more to receive half off your first box!

You can check out more on their Instagram: @stevespanglerscience 

I received complimentary products from Steve Spangler Science  to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.