How a Local STEM Education Innovator Is Leading By Example

When COVID pressed the pause button for K-12 students, Inventor STEM School stepped up to the plate.

June 16, 2021

“Was it was foolhardy to go ahead with the launch mid-pandemic? Maybe, if you’re judging by some traditional metrics. But I’ve never been one for staying inside the box. Honestly, we never even seriously considered postponing. It’s just not the way we do things. And I think the results show that we made the right decision.”

- Jessie Harris

When Inventor STEM School opened its doors in Bedford last September, it was probably the worst time in recent history to open any kind of business, much less an in-person enrichment program for kids. But Jessie Harris, Inventor’s head of US operations, is adamant that it was the right decision despite the long days and sleepless nights. “We teach creativity here,” says Harris. “We teach resilience. And, with the pandemic, kids needed more than ever to keep learning. So, we had to get started. We just needed to figure out how to make it work.”

“When the pandemic hit,” says Harris, “every parent’s first thought was, ‘How do I protect my child? How do I keep them safe?’ And then it was, ‘How do I keep them learning?’” A parent herself, Harris says her “most urgent job was to earn parents’ trust.” And then, according to the long-time educator and Babson MBA, it was essential to demonstrate to parents exactly what it is that distinguishes Inventor’s STEM education programs from the rest of the pack. Based on what her customers are saying, it sounds like Harris and her team have hit the mark.

Talking to Inventor families, the same themes keep surfacing again and again. The friendly, caring staff. The clean, well-maintained, cheerful environment. The school’s unique offerings that align perfectly with their kids’ interests. The experienced teachers that their children absolutely love.

Chantel Jovanovic describes how her 3-year-old son “has learned and grown so much and [how] his critical thinking and creativity have blossomed since joining Inventor STEM School.”

What made the program stand out to mom Kim O’Keefe? “100% for us, it was the staff and how kind they were to our son.”

So, what’s the secret sauce? It’s no secret, insists Harris. “It’s pretty simple really. We operate on the premise that the best learning environment is one that is both playful and rewards experimentation. We know kids thrive when they can take on challenges, take some risks, and stretch themselves. But you also have to know how far they can stretch, and when to give a hand. I think we just really care about each child, about their individual experience. And I think parents see that.”

So, what does Harris think about what she’s accomplished so far this year? “I’m just grateful, first and foremost, to our families for trusting us, and for ‘getting’ what we’re trying to do here. And to my team. I’m crazy proud of them. I do think we’re starting off on the right foot. And I’m just really excited about where we can go from here.”

Inventor STEM School, located in Bedford, MA, offers innovative and fun hands-on STEM programs using LEGO and Minecraft. On-site and online programs offered year-round in robotics, engineering, coding, architecture, and natural science for all ages from preschool through teen. Now enrolling for summer. July spaces still available. 

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