Explore the Whole Wide World with Sydney & Taylor

Best-selling author of the Lemonade War series Jaqueline Davies

By Veronica Leon, Publisher Macaroni Kid N Scottsdale/PV February 3, 2021

Are you ready to explore the whole wide world? We have added a new addition to our story bedtime routine that my kids love!

It's called "Sydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World."  It’s just the first adventure for these two animal friends.

Created by best-selling author Jacqueline Davies (who also created kid-favorite "The Lemonade War" series), "Sydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World" tells the story of two unlikely friends: A skunk and a hedgehog. The two pals strike out to discover the great unknown ... despite how afraid they are of it. 

This is a laugh-out-loud story that makes this chapter book perfect for kids of all ages. Charming full-color illustrations are done by Deborah Hocking.

A story with meaning Sydney and Taylor live happily in their cozy burrow under Miss Nancy’s potting shed—until Taylor gets his Big Idea! He wants to explore the Whole Wide World. But the friends have never left the safety of Miss Nancy’s backyard. Guided only by a map and their dreams, they set off in search of the unknown.

How will they deal with the challenges and dangers they find on the other side of the fence? This hilarious story highlights the importance of facing your fears and being who you are — a great message for kids.

Get your copy of Sydney & Taylor Explore the Whole Wide World, and see more of best-selling author Jacqueline Davies. 

No matter how odd the animal pairing may seem, their friendship is strong as they set off on their adventure. They want to travel from mountains taller than a hundred hedgehogs, valleys wider than a thousand skunks, to seeing the dangers in the human world. Sydney and Taylor want to see it all. 

But soon they discover the outside world is not for them. Plus they're hungry. So they return home, but not before there are more unexpected and hilarious twists.

In the end, their expedition was a great success — they'd tackled the unknown, been around other wild animals, and battled ferocious predators. 

But best of all was returning home to enjoy their cozy burrow.  

Sounds super cute right? It is! Your kids will love it. 

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