7 Spring Bucket List Items For Your Family

By Helen Bryant, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Louisville Central & Louisville SW December 28, 2022

Spring is in full swing! Don't let it pass you by. Take advantage of the warmer days and longer daylight hours with these seven fun ideas for a spring bucket list that you can complete with your family!

1. Plant a garden!

Never planted a garden before? No need to dig up your yard! You can start small (and manageable!) with just a few pots placed in the sun. You and your kids will learn a lot together about gardening and will have a chance to enjoy the results of your hard work when it's time for harvest! Here are more tips on starting a family garden.

2. Hold a garage sale

Take the time with your kids to pull the clothes, toys, and books that they don't use anymore and sell them! You will end up with much less clutter, and your kids will earn some spending money! (Make sure to donate what you don't sell so it doesn't end up back in your house!)

3. Start a family book club

Are your kids reading on their own? Create a family book club! You can either all read the same book, or each chooses a different one. When you're done, hold a backyard picnic where you can talk about your books and why you liked them.

4. Host a game night 

Whether you have time for a few quick hands of cards or a marathon Monopoly game, family game time is a fun way to interact and spend some tech-free time together. If the weather is warm enough, spread a blanket on the grass and play outside!

5. Play in the rain!

As simple as this sounds, this is one of my best spring memories as a child. Splash in the puddles and let your kids get dirty!

6. Go fly a kite

Visit a favorite park on a breezy day and set your kite loose in the sky! Don't have a kite? Here's a fun tutorial on making your own! 

7. Get out a ball

Host a neighborhood game of kickball, stickball, baseball, basketball, soccer ... or whatever game you can make up! Not enough room in your yard? Gather up the kids and take them to a local park.  

Don't forget to check out your local Macaroni Kid calendar of events for more springtime fun! Now go fill that bucket with happy spring memories!

Helen Bryant is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Louisville Central and Louisville SW.