Macaroni Mom Reviews: Gixo Fitness App

By Jamie Clark, Macaroni Kid Roanoke Publisher Mom January 23, 2019

“Who is talking to you?” my son asked from the other room. “The Gixo fitness coach. He’s in London and is coaching me through the workout,” I answered. “Wow. That’s cool. And I mean the part how he’s in London,” my son replied. 

Here I thought having a live fitness coach as I worked out in my home office space would impress my son. Nope. It was the fact he was in London. Clearly what impresses me is a bit different than what impresses an 11-year-old. Regardless, the Gixo Fitness App is pretty spectacular and impressing users (and their kids) everywhere. 

Before you roll your eyes and think “Oh great another fitness app.” Let me explain. Yes, this is another fitness app but I promise it’s not at all what you think it is. Gixo Fitness App is an app offering live fitness classes for every fitness level with no equipment required. Other than your phone. That’s right. You can take live classes with a trainer from anywhere as long as you have your phone with you. (It is available for Apple and Android users.)

I have been working out at home for years. I love the idea of a gym and taking live fitness classes but the cost of a gym membership and then the time involved traveling to and from and being limited to a specific class schedule that may not align with my schedule keep me from going. So I stick with my home workouts. But two things were always missing for me. The live instructor benefit and the motivation of that live instructor. 

When I was introduced to the Gixo Fitness App I jumped at the chance to try it because it would give me everything I was missing with my current at-home workouts: live workouts with a fitness coach to help motivate me.  

Let me break it down to show exactly how it works.

One of the things I love most is how the Gixo instructors connect with you. Prior to the class starting, you get a reminder text (ahem, mommy brain so this is a lifesaver to keep you on track.) During class your coach will talk to you and while he can't hear you, you can message each other and if you enable your camera (which I recommend) your coach can see how you're doing and offer tips and modifications as you need them.  And then after class, you get a text and an email from the instructor sharing how you did and really just motivating you and encouraging you to keep the workouts going. 

My very first class was a 40-minute endurance walk/run. Coach Henry was having the group run and I am not a runner so I  messaged him through the app saying I needed to walk and he immediately adjusted and gave me cues and modifications for me to walk throughout the workout. There is also no fudging your way through a workout. Because of the technology he knew if I had stopped walking and encouraged me to keep going. In fact, he pushed me to increase my speed and walk just a little bit faster to reach a goal. That doesn't happen when you're walking by yourself. I enjoyed that live class so much as soon as it was done I went ahead and scheduled classes for the next day. I was hooked!

I know how busy moms are. Getting a workout in seems so hard. Impossible some days. But Gixo really does make it doable and easy. They have classes running all day long and offer all the classes you want from yoga to strength to HITT and even walking/running. And the classes all range from 15 - 40 minutes long.

Again being a busy mom, short workouts are key some days. I can get in a 15-minute ab workout in the time it takes my 11-year-old to wander around the house looking for his shoes before I have to take him to school. And since sometimes you don’t plan for those extra few minutes having on-demand classes is the perfect option. When I hear “mom, where are my shoes?” all I have to do is open the app and I can get in a quick workout! 

Get a FREE WEEK to try it out and then you can take advantage of 20% off your membership. See below for details. 

How to redeem MKSave20 and get 20% off and join me in a class

  1. Go to the App Store on your phone and download Gixo
  2. Open the app and register either with Facebook, Google sign in, or just your email
  3. When you get to the pricing page, click on the event code and enter MKSave20
  4. Choose a membership to start your 7-day free trial 

Hope to see you in a class this week!