Raddish Kids #GatherForGood and Discount Code for Mac Kid Readers!

Host a Gather for Good Thanksgiving Dinner Party

By Janie Duke, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Rancho Cucamonga November 28, 2018

My daughter and I LOVE Raddish Kids!  We enjoy trying new recipes and I believe it’s important to teach children how to cook. So Raddish Kids was a great find for our family. We subscribed in March and loved the Irish theme that month. Our Raddish Kids box included 3 recipe cards for Lucky Leek & Potato Soup, Irish Cottage Pie and Sticky Toffee Pudding, an apron, iron-on patch, a green ladle and table talk cards. The recipes were delicious and we were hooked. For a limited time, Mac Kid readers can use code MACKID to get 50% off the 1st month of a 6 or 12 month membership.

The thing I appreciate most about Raddish Kids, is that they provide dietary substitutions for all of their monthly recipes to make them either gluten free, dairy free, egg allergy friendly, vegan or vegetarian. My daughter became a vegetarian 3 years ago at age 7 and then 13 months later I became vegan.  It’s so wonderful being able to make Irish Cottage Pie and Avocado Eggs Benedict vegan!  Even their Turkey Meatballs have a vegan option!  

This month I am excited to share that Raddish Kids has put together something amazing and FREE!  They have created a downloadable Gather For Good Family Dinner Party kit benefiting Habitat for Humanity.  Together both you and Raddish Kids can do something good to help others.  When you download this FREE #GatherForGood Dinner Party Kit, Raddish Kids will give $1 to Habitat for Humanity.  That’s $1 for each download this month.

This FREE Gather for Good Dinner Party Kit has 6 delicious recipes...Kale Salad, Turkey Cheese Ball, Cranberry Sauce, Thanksgiving Turkey Meatballs, Sweet Potato Smash, and Fall Harvest Apple Crisp.  It also includes invitations to invite family and friends to your Thanksgiving dinner party, where the guests help prepare the meal, step by step instructions for each recipe, a shopping list for all ingredients needed, and even fun game ideas for your dinner party.

I downloaded the kit on Monday, invited a few friends, went shopping for the ingredients and hosted a 5:30 pm #GatherForGood dinner party that night with 3 other moms and a total of 9 kids.  We divided our guests into 3 groups to make one of the recipes with one mom leading each group and we put siblings in different groups.  Each child played a part in making their recipe and the moms did a great job directing their group of 3 children.  The children also set the dining room table and decorated the Turkey Cheese Ball that they all snacked on while waiting for dinner to finish baking in the oven.

What I loved most about this special night was watching the children help prepare the meal and seeing them all try something new because they helped to make it.  Our dinner party was planned in one day thanks to the kit that I was able to download from Raddish Kids, and it was such a fun night for all.  The next morning, I received this text from one of my friends:

“Still reeling - last night was truly a BLAST! Thank you Janie for making what I thought would be an impossible idea quite a memorable reality!!!”

And memorable it was.

Whether you have the time to host a #GatherForGood Dinner Party this month or not, I would highly recommend downloading the recipes and guide. The recipes were delicious and you could make them for your Thanksgiving meal.  And if you are attending a Thanksgiving dinner party, you could make and bring the Turkey Cheese Ball as an appetizer!   Thank you, Raddish Kids!

Click HERE to download the Gather For Good Family Dinner Party Kit. And for a limited time use code MACKID to get 50% off the 1st month of a 6 or 12 month membership.