The Switch Witch Can Switch it Up For You

And Everyone Wins

By Valarie Fisher, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln, CA October 25, 2017

Have you heard of the Switch Witch? Don't worry, she's not scary. She's a good witch who is looking out for your kids. She wants to help you make sure they don't eat too much candy! She's kind of like the Tooth Fairy...the kids put something out, and it gets taken away, with something left for them in exchange.

Here's how it works: On Halloween night the kids gather up their candy (yes, it's okay to keep some!), bag it up and leave it out for the Switch Witch. During the night she comes and takes the candy, leaving them a special treat of some kind. It could be a book, a toy, or whatever gift you want it to be. The next morning the kids wake up excited to see what they got, and you're happy knowing they won't ask you about eating candy all the time because they know it's gone.

We've been doing it 3 years now and love it. We even found a Switch Witch book and a plush Switch Witch doll. She sits on a shelf high up during the month of October (kind of like the Elf, but she doesn't move around) and watches over the kids.