Teach Your Children To Tie Their Shoes In Less Than A Minute

By Tamaran Scarborough, Publisher of Macaroni Kid Dothan-Ozark-Fort Rucker-Enterprise, AL August 23, 2017

I have to admit that learning to tie shoes is a lot harder than I remember. Well, maybe it has more to do with a challenge for my kid and my teaching skills. I don't know. But we have tried many different ways to teach her to tie her shoes and she still wasn't getting it.

I saw a video being passed around Facebook a month or so ago and bookmarked it so that I could go back later when I had time. And that day has come. I went into my daughter's room and told her the process as I did it for her. It only took one time trying it and Gabby was tying her shoes - in less than a minute. She was doing it and it wasn't taking FOREVER to do it either. I almost wished we had somewhere to go that day so that I could have said, "Come on Gabby, hurry and get your shoes on so we are not late." I love this small step that finally feels like progress.

I highly recommend teaching this to your children, it is so simple to learn.

Here is Gabby tying her shoes.