Mott’s® 100% Juice Pouches help kids stay Healthy on the Go

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By Kathryn Dinsmore August 9, 2017

Last weekend, we took a quick trip to Tennessee to spend the long weekend with family. Upon unpacking the van we realized the kids had been stepping on the snack/drink bag each and every time the three of them got in and out of the car for bathroom breaks. I fully expected to unpack the little soft cooler bag to find a juice explosion or to find leaking juice boxes all over the floor of my van. I braced for the worst.

When opening the bag I found that not only were Mott’s® NEW 100% Juice Pouches not broken or leaking at all, but they were totally usable to pack for baseball the following day. I love a product that can handle a bit of rough and tumble action, but still provide healthy nutrition for my family.

When asked if I’d like to review Mott’s® 100% Juice Pouches, I jumped at the chance. I already use and love other products by Mott’s so I was excited to try something new by a brand I already trust, know and love. With three kids who all have wildly different tastes in food & drink, finding a product that all three agree on, is healthy, and is available at every single Giant grocery store in our area makes it a win in my book! As a bonus, it comes in these four great flavors: Apple, Apple Mango, Apple White Grape & Apple Cherry so each of my kids can have their favorite flavor.

Mott’s® 100% Juice Pouches have fit in perfectly with our busy routine over the summer and will be a great addition to school lunches for my kids. I love helping my kids have the healthiest start possible, and teaching them to make healthy decisions regarding eating & drinking – even on the go!

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I was compensated for this honest review. All thoughts, opinions and pictures of adorable kids are my own.