Daily Appreciation Hearts

By Leah Levine, Macaroni Kid Greece-NW Rochester January 25, 2017

February is the month to show our love and care for one another. Kids often know Valentine's Day to symbolize candy and flowers. Instead of focusing your love on one day, show your love for your child/children every day of the month. Simply cut out hearts and write a special message showing your love and appreciation for your child. Paste one on your child's bedroom door, the fridge, put in their lunch box or even under their pillow each night. It will make you both feel great each day!

Here are some helpful messages:

You are kind
You are caring
You are a great big/little sister/brother
You are a wonderful dancer
You rock at Basketball (or other sport or activity)
You are helpful
You are funny
You are silly
You are smart
You are creative
You are a good friend
You do a great job on your homework
You help with the chores
You are hardworking
You are a good student
You read a lot!
You are good listener
You are a good granddaughter/grandson
We are lucky to have you
You make a great addition to our family
We cherish you