32 Creative and Crazy Ideas for Your Christmas Elf!

Our Years of Elf Antics Can Help Your Evenings be Smooth & Magical!

By Christel M Hoydic December 14, 2016
Anyone who knows me also knows that I am ELF OBSESSED!!!  

YES, I am one of those moms who spends her Holidays moving this little guy from one crazy scene to the next. I have been doing it since we first introduced the elf to my son 5 years ago. At the beginning I was doing it for my son and to see his priceless reaction full of laughter each and every morning. Now I think I am doing it, not just for him, but for all of our friends and family who can't wait to see where "Caribou Bells" will be each night!  

I also have a problem! I CAN'T STOP!! Now that I have set the precedent, I have to continue. I would love to just put him on a SHELF! Imagine that... an elf on a shelf. But how disappointing would that be for my son to wake up to after all the years of silly, crazy, and zany elf escapades to just find him sitting there?!  

MY Advice: Start small. Start on a shelf, on top of the fridge, or sitting on the mantle. Lead into the big elaborate scenes in years to come. Believe me, you'll thank me, and so will your sanity.

But if you are like me and can't help yourself, I have compiled some of my favorite elf escapades here...