Macaroni Craft: American Flag T-Shirt

By Meg Jollett, Macaroni Kid Oviedo-Geneva-Winter Springs Publisher May 25, 2016
A friend saw this idea on Pinterest so we had a little crafting party for my little one and his friends to make these cute shirts! He'll be wearing it on Independence Day and I'm also planning for him to wear it again on Labor Day!

What You Need: 
  • Plain white t-shirt or tank top
  • Blue and red fabric paints
  • Sponge tipped paint brush
  • Cardboard (to fit inside t-shirt)
What You Do:
  • Place the cardboard inside the t-shirt so that the paint doesn't glue the insides of the shirt together or bleed through.
  • Paint your child's hand blue and place it where you would normally have the stars on the flag.
  • Using the sponge tipped paint brush, paint your red lines (as many as will fit ... but it probably won't be 13!).
  • Let dry overnight.
  • Wear with patriotic pride!

If you decide to make this craft, take a picture of your kids wearing their creations and we'll publish it on Facebook! Email pictures to