Memory Jar: Document the Year's Special Moments

By Anna Hall December 30, 2015
There’s nothing like the start of a new year to remind you how quickly time flied! It’s easy to look back on years past and remember the big milestones: major holidays spent together with family, big trips and vacations, a piano recital, a great report card, etc.  

But what about all the wonderful special “little” moments you share together each day?

This year, document the “every day” experiences that make your life special by creating a memory jar. Decorate a jar or vase, then drop pieces of paper documenting the special moments, memories, experiences, laughs, etc. as they happen through the year. On New Year's Eve, read each piece of paper and celebrate all the special moments.

It's never too late to start this tradition with your family.  Save the memory jars from years past for a creative way to archive your family's history.  Or make a jar for each child and drop into it the special experiences shared with just them to read through on their birthday each year.  

It's a neat way to remember all the moments, big and small, you share as a family.