Create a Boredom Buster Jar!

Summer Boredom Buster Video Series

By Megan Barnes July 8, 2015
Summer is here! Are you ready?

Join Macaroni Kid in a fun summer long video series with easy crafts to help you and your kids beat the summer boredom blues.

Video #1: Boredom Buster Jar

What you'll need:
  • Mason jar or container
  • Markers/tape/paint
  • Popsicle sticks (I used the jumbo ones) 
  • Marker or ink pen
You will need to brainstorm ideas for your sticks. We used 3 categories:
  • Things you can do (read a book, watch a movie, etc.)
  • Things you can make (Construction paper art, sun-catchers, marshmallow gun)
  • Field Trips (local parks, bike ride, local museum)
Then simply write one idea on each stick. You can make as many as you would like, but it's a good idea to have 25 ideas for each category. Next, use tape/paint/markers to identify each stick. Add them to the jar.

When you hear those famous summer words, "Mom, I'm bored," just have your kiddo pull a stick out of the jar! Once you are done having fun, put the stick back in the jar for next time!

See the full video here: