Five Fun Family Indoor Ideas to Beat the Heat


July 9, 2014

When the scorch of summer is showing its teeth, chances are staying inside in the comfort of air conditioning is the best alternative. For families, being holed up together indoors can sometimes leave you with limited space and in need of interesting things to do in the confines of your home.  Allow us to offer some fun activity tips to keep you and the family from going summer stir crazy:

Create an Indoor Treasure Hunt: Depending on the age of your little ones, use your judgment on what you’re hunting for. Whether it’s scouring for coloring books and crayons or something more elaborate for older kids, leave various clues around the house that will keep them on their toes and intrigued. Once they’ve discovered their treasure, make another bounty for them to plunder – a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies makes for a perfect finale.

Circle Around: Games are perfect for when you’re cooped up indoors. Board games, charades, duck duck goose – figure out what will keep everyone entertained for a good while, and get silly!

Living Room Drive-In: Who says drive-in theaters are a thing of the past? Create your own in your living room by helping your kids build a fort with seating, snacks and drinks and sit down for a screening of your favorite flick.

Celebrate the Sunset: The sun setting for the night means the worst of the day’s heat is over. To celebrate that, whipping up a Brooklyn Stoop Summer Sundae would be the perfect ending to a hot day. Just make sure to make yourself one before everything vanishes.

Throwback Chill-Out: Use the time inside to go through old photo albums, digital camera archives and other pieces of nostalgia you have on hand. It doesn’t have to be limited to pics of your kids – show them what you looked like when you were a kid, or even their grandparents. It’ll open their eyes to a different world, lead to lots of questions and, best of all, pass the time in the comfort of your AC-cooled home. You could even plot about how to recreate some old photos from the past with your kids.

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