Macaroni Celebrates: Father's Day Gift Ideas

By Barbara Evangelista, Publisher June 4, 2014

Father's Day gifts are always a struggle. Dads have it easy on Mother's Day -- flowers, jewelry, a beautiful trinket, a few hours of quiet time -- we're easy to please. But Father's Day gifts are hard. Do we go sentimental? Do we go manly? Do we encourage a new hobby? (That hardly ever works out for me... the beer making kit is STILL sitting in the basement two years later, and don't even get me started on the Dremel tool.)  

Just like Moms, Dads just want a day to enjoy the kids, have a bit of "me time", and feel special and appreciated. Here are some standard, some unique, and some totally off the wall ideas that might work for your man:

  • Round of golf
  • A case of mixed microbrew beers, a three-month membership to Beer of the Month club, or a gift certificate to Craft Beer Cellar in Westford
  • A new cushy seat or accessory for his bicycle
  • Gift certificate to a book store, cooking store, specialty clothing store, music/pop culture store, sporting goods store, or bait & tackle shop if he's into fishing
  • iTunes or Amazon gift card
  • Kitchen gadgets if he likes to cook, or cooking lessons if he likes to cook but needs some help!
  • Spa treatment (deep tissue massage, couple's massage)
  • Tickets to the local major league team, or for a special splurge, tickets and a hotel stay for a team within driving distance (every guy I know who has an interest in sports has a lifelong dream of seeing all the major league teams in their home stadiums)
  • Tickets to a favorite music concert or performance (My husband loves the "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me" show on NPR, which is recorded at different theaters all over the country. Who knew?? Great gift!)
  • Gift certificate to his favorite steak place or restaurant with a large craft beer selection or outside dining
  • Movie tickets
  • Whale watch or deep-sea fishing tickets
  • Outdoor games to play with the family
  • Gift certificates for mini-golf, horse-riding, "skydiving", whitewater rafting

If you've come up with other unique ideas that were a big hit, please leave a comment!