New Year's Eve Noisemaker

Macaroni Made

By Kimberly Vees December 25, 2013

New Year's Eve is right around the corner so if you are having a party it's time to get cracking.  With so much to get ready why not get the kids in on the action and have them make the noise makers.  I gave my children the task of coming up with some and was thrilled with what they came up with.  Here is one of their ideas.

You will need:

a small container with a lid. (we used the tootsie roll banks the kids received for Christmas colored duct tape) (you can substitute construction paper)
ribbons, jewels, sequins or glitter
uncooked rice or beans


Fill 1/3 of container with rice or beans.

Cover container with duct tape making sure to seal it shut.

Decorate the container with jewels, sequins or glitter.

Shake to make noise!