Macaroni Made: Create Ornaments from Old Crayons!

By Melissa Hucal December 18, 2013
Create a beautiful addition to your holiday decor or a gift for a teacher, friend or another someone special with this easy ornament made with old crayons (surely you have a few of those lying around the house!).

With minimal supplies and a quick turnaround time, it's a great activity for all ages. Adult supervision is necessary, though, because there is glass and heat involved.
Here's what you'll need:
  • Clear glass ornaments (Make sure that they are glass. Plastic ones may melt)
  • Old crayons in colors of your choice. 
  • Hair dryer
First, peel all the paper off the crayons and break them into small pieces, about 1 to 2 inches long. This is a great task for the younger kids.

Next, remove the top of the ornament and drop a few crayon pieces in. The number depends on how "covered" you want the glass. For full coverage, 4-5 crayon pieces work well.

Now use the hair dryer to direct heat onto the glass ornament to melt the crayons. The glass does get hot, so it's best if an adult does this part.

As the crayons melt, swirl the ornament so that the wax spreads and sticks to the ornament.

Allow to dry and hang on your tree!

One of the fun things about this project is that you are never sure what the results will be. Once the crayons start to melt and swirl, you have little control of the outcome except to know that it will be beautiful!