Handmade Photo Gifts

Macaroni Made

By Jenn Schorr December 18, 2013
Here are some handmade crafts that you can add your favorite picture to.  These make great gifts, too!

Candy Cane Picture Frame
This is an easy way to display your family holiday photo or your kid's picture with Santa!

Items you need:
     3 Candy Canes (leave in the wrapper)
     A picture

Form a tri-pod with the Candy Canes, making sure the hook end of each one is at the bottom, and they sit straight when together.  Tape them together that way.  Use two hooks of the Candy Cane to hold your photo.


Ornament Picture Frame
This ornament or wall hanging makes a great gift because the frame is handmade by your child.


Items you need:
     4 tongue depressor wooden sticks
     White glue
     Glitter glue, pom-poms, or whatever you would like to use to decorate the frame
     Decorative Ribbon


Glue the 4 wooden sticks together to form a square.
Let your child decorate the sticks in whatever way they would like to...let them use their creative side!  And then allow that to dry.
When the decorations are dry, tape the picture you want to the back of the frame, so you can see the picture through the decorated side of the sticks.
Add a decorative ribbon to hang it up on the tree or on a wall.

Glass Ball Ornament with Picture
Want a great way to preserve your child's school picture each year?  Turn them into ornaments!  This is another easy, but great decoration for your tree, or it can be a great gift, too!


Items you need:
     Glass ball ornament (easily found at craft stores around the holidays)
     Your child's school picture
     Curling ribbon


Take the top off the glass ornament.
Gently roll the picture into a scroll, just enough to fit it through the opening of the glass ball and put the picture in.
Curl 2 4-6" pieces of ribbon and add that into the glass ball.
You can use a toothpick to move the items around slightly, if you need to.  (My pinky finger actually fit inside enough to move the picture into place.
Replace the top of the glass ornament gently.