Christmas Tree Cupcakes

By Cookie Heden December 11, 2013
I love making these quick Christmas Tree Cupcakes each holiday season.  They have become my 'go-to' gift when I need something quickly without a lot of fuss.  Your children can help icing the cupcake, apply the ornaments or add the snow to each cupcake.  These make a beautiful gift, especially when they are placed on a red platter.

Baked & Cooled Cupcakes  in cupcake liners
White & Green Buttercream Icing
Sanding Sugar*
Sprinkles*, Red Jimmies* or Red Hots
Piping Bag or Zip-Loc Bag
Wilton Piping Tip #1M

  1. With the back of a spoon or spatula, ice each cupcake using the white icing, pulling up to create peaks on the cupcakes like snow.
  2. Using a piping bag, insert the tip and load the bag with the green icing.  Holding the tip in the center of the cupcake approximately 1/2 inch above the white icing, pipe in place until 1 1/2" to 2" wide. Move slowly upwards to create the Christmas Tree.  When you are at the top of the tree, stop applying pressure to the bag and lift the tip off the cupcake.   Try not to make the tree too high or it will tip over.
  3. Place the sprinkles onto the tree for the ornaments.  Sprinkle the tree with the Sanding Sugar to create snow and serve on a tray.
*Note:  Sanding Sugar, Sprinkles and Jimmies are available at your local craft stores, some grocery stores or from

Happy Holidays!