Macaroni Movies: "Planes"

By Barbara Evangelista August 14, 2013

Planes, from the makers of Cars, is a heartwarming, enjoyable movie, although rather formulaic.  Dusty Crophopper, a small plane that has flown thousands of miles low and slow to fertilize crops, dreams of flying at top speed in a race around the world.  With the help of his truck friends, he practices and tries out for the race, getting some teasing from the other planes but ultimately beating most of them.  One of his trainers, an elderly war plane, helps him learn new techniques and shares inspiration stories about his own adventures.  During the race, he faces many obstacles, from cheating racers to his surprising fear of heights, yet he still tries his hardest and remains true to himself.  He has a good heart, helping out other racers when they're in trouble, and earning the racers' and fans' respect and cheers.  Just when he needs to work his hardest, he realizes he's been lied to by a friend and almost loses his will to succeed.  After the other racers help him out and he reconciles with his friend, he tackles the race again with renewed energy to try to win.

Planes is a great movie for very young children, even as young as 3 or 4, especially if they love to play with planes and trucks.  There are no edgy jokes and no swearing of any kind.  There are a couple of scary moments when cheating racers try to hurt Dusty and when there is a flashback to a deadly war battle, and some tense moments when he's in a perilous situation.  There is a minor love story but it's more amusing than serious.  Some of the planes are stereotyped, especially the Mexican racing plane.  Overall though, it's a sweet story about trying your hardest while also staying true to yourself.  My 6-year-old and 10-year-old both enjoyed it very much.

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