Macaroni Movies Review: "Man of Steel"

By Barbara Evangelista June 19, 2013

This week, we're launching Macaroni Movies with our first review: Man of Steel, rated PG-13.  All movies will be reviewed by Macaroni Mom or Dad (or both) plus our mini macaronis, aged 10, 8 and 6.  MacDad took the honors this time with our 10- and 8-year-olds due to the movie rating.

Man of Steel is a somewhat dark re-telling of the classic Superman story.  Kal-El is born on Krypton from a natural birth, unlike other Kryptonians who are genetically engineered and pre-determined to be leaders, soldiers, scientists or workers.  His father sends Kal-El into space when General Zod attempts to take over Krypton; Zod and his army are eventually banished to the outer reaches of space and Krypton is destroyed.  Kal-El lands on earth and grows up on a farm in Kansas.  He's aware of his unusual powers but is warned by his Earth father to hide them.  As an adult, he lives on the edge, changing jobs and locales every time his powers are discovered.  Eventually he discovers a Kryptonian ship buried in the Arctic and triggers a message from his father who explains who he really is; he also unfortunately sends a signal to General Zod and his army.  Zod plans to rebuild Krypton on Earth, sacrificing the human population, but must defeat Superman first. A massive battle ensues, also involving US armed forces. 

According to MacDad, the movie rating (PG-13) is appropriate and should be heeded; he recommends that children under 13 should skip this movie due to the overwhelming violence. It's relatively bloodless and isn't individual violence, but is more on a large scale with many buildings (presumably filled with innocent people) destroyed in the battle scenes.  When Zod telepathically communicates the destruction of the human race to Superman, there are visions of "seas" of skulls -- a very scary image for children.  Our 8-year-old, who is familiar with superhero movies, felt overwhelmed several times and needed to turn away and take a break. 

For adults and teenagers, MacDad feels this is a good Superman tale, with more coverage of Superman's confusion about why he's different (always an appealing storyline for young adults!).  Lois Lane appears but not much is made of her relationship with Superman.

Our 10-year-old, also a fan of superhero movies, gave it a 9 out of 10. "The movie was good because it was very well-acted and the script was good (except for the swears).  I gave it a 9 because some of the special effects were way unreal."

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